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quinta-feira, 11 de março de 2010

Poem for Saint Patrick's Day

May you find....

tranquility along the edge of the ocean on St. Patrick's Day morn' , as the mist and refreshing March winds caress your skin,

the lighthouse to give you hope and light your path, no matter how rugged the waves may be,.

the sound of the bagpipes and Celtic music, for it will touch your heart and soul as it leads you back to the cottage where love awaits you,

a four leaf clover to signify an abundance of friends, family, forgiveness, and inner peace,

your true calling in this time of economic hardship, for there may be many talents which you possess on this St. Patrick's Day morn'.

the strength to run through the weeds and rocky soil so that you may find the plush, emerald green hills,

the true meaning of strength, endurance, love, passion, and peacefulness,

the sunbeams fighting its way through the branches of the trees,

harmony and balance in your life, and remember that the pot of gold may around the corner,

a time to celebrate and reminisce about the old times with friends who travelled down every rocky road with you,

it in your heart to say that you are sorry to someone who you have hurt, or thank a person who made sacrifices for you along the way.

humor in every hour of St. Patrick's Day, and to share a smile.

time to remember the sound of your doorbell as a friend stopped by to see you and to make sure that you were okay on a gloomy day,

the first yellow Spring flower popping up in your garden on St. Patrick's Day morn',

the time to embrace a person who you may not have seen in a while,

a way to cross the same path of an old friend who has helped you in the past, and offer him or her a drink of Irish cheer,

a special place in your heart to let go of your past mistakes and realize your unique personality and goodness, no matter how confusing your life may have been,

a seat at the tavern or pub on this festive day, and ask an old friend to share funny stories and eat corned beef,

a moment to cherish your friends who may have lent you a few dollars along the way, who offered to give you a ride home when your car did not start, or a person who offered you a helping hand even for the simplest of things,

all of these memories and special things which will bring you a tear of joy on St. Patrick's morn',

a peaceful moment to realize that a four leaf clover, a rainbow, and pot of gold are never far from your heart or mind,

it in your heart to realize that people who love you will remember you for your good qualities, talents, and different threads of your coat,

love at every corner of the pub or emerald hills,

time to look in the mirror and notice your twinkling eyes and vivacious smile as the wisdom lines fade away on this special morn,'

your four leaf clover, pot of gold and rainbow, which are the people in your life who love you, and who know how to make you laugh on this St. Patrick's morn'.

a sentimental photo or card from a person that you have not heard from in a while which will make you realize the good ways which you impacted someone's life on this St. Patrick's Day morn,"

your special beverage stocked at the bar, with many people to give you a toast!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone!

By Joanna M Leone