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quarta-feira, 1 de julho de 2009

The main characters of "A streetcar named desire" (Blanche Dubois) and "Death of a salesman" (Willie Loman) and their insanity.

By marring, Blanche intends to escape from poverty. But because of chilvaric southern gentleman savior and caretaker she hopes will rescue her is extinct. She has no possibility of future happiness. But there is Mitch. Blanche sees him as her last chance for contentment, even though he is far from her ideal of man. Stanley's relentless persecution of Blanche foils her pursuit of Mitch as well as her attempts to shield herself from the harsh truth of Blanche's situation. Stanley himself talkes the final stabs at Blanche, destrying her sexual and mental steem by raping. She creates the image of a rich man who will be coming to save her from poverty. At this time, she is insane. She is also commited to an asylum. In the end, she allows herself to be led by a doctor, in total dependence of men.
Willie Loman believes in what he considers the promise of the American dream: hard work as the key to success. he believes that man in business can acquire what modern American life has to offer. This is his fixation. However, Willie's interpretation of it is superficial and his blin faith in his version of the American dream is the responsible for his psycological decline. After this, he seems to be unable to accept the disparity between the dream and his own life.
Blanche Dubois progressively loses touch with reality because of her uncontrolable idea of escaping from poverty by marring. After being raped, she gets insane and she "marries" the doctor of the asylum. At the same time, Willie Loman gets insane because of his personal interpretation of the American dream. he believes somuch in it that, in the end of "Death of a salesman", there is no difference between dream and real life for him.

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