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quarta-feira, 1 de julho de 2009

What students can do to combat test anxiety.

We feel how hard is the life of a student when we are still children. Besides the necessity of going to school every day, we also have to face tests which the result will show if the process of learning is being successful or not. These tests, as time goes by, become a real torture. We find out that for every little thing, tests are made to check if you are capable of something. In other words, they are part of our lives as the anxiety that exists before each one of them.
As a student, it is not simple to try to get free of the pressure. Good grades are essential to prove that we are able to continue our studies. The tension just increases and sometimes it can trouble our performance. But as a teacher, it is more possible to stay out of the "storm" in order to grasp what is going on and to give the students ideas of how to keep calm in moments like these.
The hours before a test are normally defined as a nervous moment in student's lives. They know that the grade of that test will be important to have success in the end og their period. As they are too much involved in it, clearly none of them are able to analyze the situation to get more relaxed. First, they should stop for a moment to reflect about it. After this, it would be interesting to create games among themselves about the subject of the test. They could play it few minutes before the test. And in this way the students would be practing and having fun among their friends. As a result of this idea, we would have better grades and much calmer students.

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