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quarta-feira, 1 de julho de 2009

The woman of my dreams.

The woman of my dreams does not belong to my dreams only. She is real. She makes part of my life and, because of it, my life has been a dream.
It is not the case of beauty, intelligence or something else (but it could be). The point is: how good it is to know that, more than a lover or a girlfriend, I have a partner to share good and bad moments, to help me, to incentivate me, to pay attention to me. My dreams were never so interesting as my life is since she appeared.
I try to be as a partner and a friend as she is. Love was constructed step by step, day-by-day, and nowadays, I really hope that she looks at me as a man that she can count on.
I always had the woman of my dreams far away from my real life, as an untouchable being. Today, we are close and my life is much happier than every dream that I had.

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Blog da Morgana disse...

Oh, darling, my life is happier too! And because of you! (see, it rhymes)

I love you so much!

You also made my dream come true!